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National Minimum Wage & National Working Wage – April 2020

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates

These rates are for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage. The rates change every April.


Year 25
and over
21 to 24 18 to 20 Under
April 2019
(current rate)
£8.21 £7.70 £6.15 £4.35 £3.90
April 2020
new rate
£8.72 £8.20 £6.45 £4.55 £4.15


Employees must be at least:
–   school leaving age to get the National Minimum Wage
–   aged 25 to get the National Living Wage – the minimum wage will still apply for workers aged 24 and under


Further information available on the gov.uk and ACAS websites.



Updated guidance on Minimum Wage and Working Wage

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has produced new guidance on the National Minimum Wage and the National Living Wage.


The updayed guidance, entitled “National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage – Calculating the minimum wage” includes updated information on “Sleep-in” shifts to reflect recent court rulings.


You can download the new guidance (.pdf) here.

2018 / 2019 tax and NIC etc rates

Have you seen the 2018-2019 rates for income tax and National Insurance yet? 
You can read them all at: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/rates-and-thresholds-for-employers-2018-to-2019
The April 2018 P9X is not being sent direct to employers by HMRC, instead you can download it here.



New Minimum Wage Rates

The minimum pay rates increase in April 2018.  The new rates are:

April 2018 NMW NLW rates


Further information at www.acas.org.uk/nmw and www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage